Negation -> Tyranny (August 2020)

Conceptualizing politics through negation always leads to tyranny because it means that you let the vacuum dictate what happens next.

Without building alternative infrastrucutre to prevent that vacuum, it becomes a question of might makes right.

Liberty defined only in a negative sense is always a road to tyranny because you can only free yourself by creating new affordances, not from simply hoping to expand your choice amongst extant options when the logical constraints of reality may render that impossible.

There's nothing fatalistic about acknowleding constraints, it's the first step to choosing invention over self-defeating catharsis.

In a closed system, entropy inevitably accumulates. If you do nothing, it will eventually kill you, and if you outsource it, you're making someone else pay for your mess while simultaneously betting that it won't come back to haunt you.

So it's on us to find a way to expand the conceptual boundaries of our environment; to engender positive liberty.