Composition, Not Coordination (February 2021)

Harmony is composition, not coordionation. Even the Austrian School of Economics missed this on some level by imagining prices as signals (external influences) rather than affordances (available channels).

(Differences between) prices are affordances. They don't "tell" anyone anything, they just provide opportunities for arbitrage and/or entrepreneurship.

You can only send so many signals back and forth before there's turbulence, calibrated action ultimately requires that thigns relate to one another in a way that changes the syntax of the situation.

Hermeneutics is the art of minimizing semantics by defining the domain ("carving things up at the right joints" so to speak) in a way that tautologically deconstructs the situation.

The more one succeeds at this, the more one has a theory rather than a model.

Semantics is semiotic debt.

This isn't just a "better model" though, it's actually being able to effortlessly interact on account of the shape of your actions fitting the situation like a key.

That is, syntax always boils down to learning how to move with a certain form. It's why there's a deep physicality to mathematics.

This is what intuition ultimately is: action that geometrically fits the scenario. You have to learn it by learning to make moves and compose those moves in ways that work, and until you have it you'll be scratching your head should ask what something "means" according to some untenable language.

And this is all that "a-priori knowledge" ultimately is: having some kind of fit that allows you to move uninhibited. The physicality of everything you do, that you can or can't do this or that, is the irreducible (not meta) physics underlying all ideas.

(Such a notion of "physics" shouldn't be confused with what we colloquially call "physics", which is a [perfectly valid in its own right] distillation of a few variables from the whole of reality. All I'm referring to in this case is the world we live in that is defined by its own physicality, never fully co9ntained in any disembodied formalism.)