What is this book, and why am I writing it? I've been reluctant for a long time to try to write anything in the form of a book because there is just too much left to figure out before a truly coherent thesis worthy of that level of exposition will arrive in my head, but I've also been botherered by the amount of concepts and connections between concepts I've inferred that I consider very important but have only alluded to in a cursory manner if I have at all; and if I fail to write them down, it will inevitably become an increasing hindrance on my ability to justify things with a solid foundation.

All that being said, I do not believe in obsessive documentation: to never let any of one's output get distorted or even disappear is poisonous to the ecology they both live in and comprise. But at the same time, it's time that I begin creating an archive that gives some of my ideas an ecology in which to embed themselves. The idea of a text as an ecology rather than a treatise will be what animates the form of not only what I write but how I write it: a network in which nodes are created, destroyed, copied, mutated, and linked, each idea acting as an affordance for both the reader and the rest of the text alike, facilitating the unfolding of not only my intuition and yours but also that of the text in its own right.

As such, I will make an effort to create specific points of entry but also give the reader a chance to take advantage of whatever openings they can, finding their own path through the roads they find useful. The concepts and issues in this book will be extremely variegated, coming from all kinds of situations and projects from both the past and the present; but I am obviously putting them in a single place because they're all "connected" in some way. That being said, I have zero interest in forcing paredolia on anyone, and the very format of this book opts to just shut up and let people decide for themselves where things are connected intsead of telling them it's all just facets of some nebulous force that rules everything around us.

Okay, so what's it about and why is it called what it is?

If I had to name a central animating concept that every one of my philosophical and practical ideas seems to trace back to, it's narrative, but I hate using that word because it's become hijacked. Perhaps it was the popularization of the idea of the "Narrative Fallacy", but people now associate narrative with some kind of naive summary of events, something that compresses information and slaps some implied sense of cause and effect on events that might not have any relationship at all. If you don't understand those terms, don't worry, part of why I'm writing this book the way I am is so I can seamlessly inject deeper exposition on subjects for those who feel compelled to learn more.

So instead, I chose a title that picks two related ideas that comprise a decent entry point into the process of making myself clear:

What is the purpose of this theoretical speculation? Is there anything practical about it?

Yes, these ideas did not come from idle curiosity. Contrary to popular belief, I've never given a fuck about the ultimate nature of reality; but the more I found myself stuck in paradox after paradox trying to figure out the answers to very real dilemmas, the more I needed to reach for increasingly theoretical ideas. These include but are by no means limited to:

That being said, this text isn't about any of those questions, those are just a few major feelings of confusion that motivated the answers I sought and have still not fully grasped. The real substance of the text strives to not simply wrestle with and tame the dissonance of the preceeding list, but to elide altogether the kind of dysphoria inherent to bloated dialectics.