How to Read This Book

Read the chapters in whatever order you want, seriously.

I'm saying this because I'm not writing anything in order. Every chapter is supposed to be an intuitive flow that can be groked in its own right, with references between chapters a way of allowing the reader to refine and supplement the idea.

As such, there's also a ton of overlap in terms of what many of the chapters are saying, and the goal of this is not to be redundant but to give the reader better material for gluing the concepts together into larger wholes. This book is not an attempt to prove a system of anything, nor does it stand on top of axioms; it is a collection of investigations that each individually take on the burden of verisimilitude and attempt to actively demonstrate a confluence that ties them all together.

It's also a work in progress, and if I haven't made something clear, then I likely didn't make it fully clear to myself. So don't overthink it: relax and follow your nose, either something follows or it doesn't, no need to contort yourself trying to compensate for what wasn't articulated.